NEVER sign your deed over to a stranger!

Home Equity Loss Protection (HELP)

Yes, you CAN sell your house on terms quickly and safely without the risk of fraud and subject-to scams.


Immediate HELP For Home Sellers In Need

Real Estate Solutions Built On Trust

Housing NC is a privately-funded, non-government entity (NGE) serving homeowners throughout North Carolina. Using our exclusive Equity Holding Trust™, we acquire properties from distressed owners, rescue foreclosures, and take on homes that have failed to find a buyer through conventional channels.

By offering immediate solutions and a reliable avenue for homeowners to quickly transition out of difficult circumstances, Housing NC brings much-needed liquidity to the housing market, and economic stability to our communities.

Our mission is to provide a safe and welcoming resource for our neighbors to solve their housing situation, while at the same time helping them avoid the common risks and pitfalls of selling a troubled property.

HELP For Amost Any Burdensome Property

Our team of counselors have decades of experience. No matter what you’re facing, we can help you find the best solution.

  • SAFE Short Sale & Foreclosure Cures
  • Low Equity and No Equity Solutions
  • Help for late payments and defaults
  • Expired listing / house won’t sell
  • Military PCS and need to move FAST
  • Already moved, paying 2 mortgages
  • Inheritance Properties
  • Vacant or out of state owners
  • Ugly Ducklings in need of repair
  • Tax Delinquencies
  • Tired Landlords
  • Negative Cash Flow Rentals


Protecting Our Neighbors From Predatory Investors

Let us put you in the BEST financial position possible!

Sometimes selling a property for all cash can actually put you in a worse position. We help troubled sellers understand which offer is the best by taking a wholistic view of their total financial situation and examining root causes of the problems before prescribing the most financially sound remedies.

YOUR Best Interest Comes First


Smarter, safer alternatives to short sales and foreclosures.


Avoid income tax on debt relief from foreclosure while avoiding further credit damage.


Avert paying capital gains tax for years.


Shield a property from tax liens, judgments, bankruptcies and marital disputes.


Potentially create passive monthly income on a property that won't sell.


Landlords can completely eliminate management and maintenance costs on rental property.


Stop the expense of negative cash flow, maintenance and vacancies.

(Consultations by appointment only)

Years Helping Distressed Sellers


Clients Helped


Property Value Helped



Freedom From
Difficult Properties


Housing NC empowers sellers with a new-found sense of control and freedom from worry by focusing on solutions that work and streamlining approval, funding and closing processes.


Our counselors have years — sometimes decades — of experience in all areas of real estate and are sklled at analyizing any existing offer you may already have to sell your home. Our mission is to ensure vulnerable home sellers are treated fairly and honestly in a way that protects them from title fraud, illicit loan modification scams and other predatory investor schemes.


By treating people with dignity and resolving problems quickly, we strive to help families recover from the stress, depression and anxiety caused by foreclosure and other housing crises.


We offer credit repair and financial restoration assistance for sellers desiring to qualify for home financing in the future.

We treat all of our clients like family

No Equity? No Problem

“We were only in our house for about a year and a half when my husband got transferred to Oklahoma. We had to be there in 30 days… nobody else wanted to help us because there was no equity in our house except you…”

John and Carol R

$150,000 In Capital Gains Averted

“After seeing what you did for us and how your program works, I don’t know why every house isn’t bought and sold this way! You saved us about $150,000 in Capital Gains Tax! It’s genius.”

Tom V.

Thanks For Caring

“… the way you treated our dad during this difficult time was amazing and we can’t thank you enough. The other investors only cared about making a huge profit… Thank you for caring about us.”

Camila and Alejandro F.

(These are just a few examples of our success stories. Over the years we’ve helped over 5000 sellers. We’d love to help you too).

Added No-Cost Benefits to Protect and Care For
Sellers Who Need HELP

Payment Assurance

Safely sell on terms with mortgage payment assurance backed by guaranteed contingency fund for the life of enrollment.

Title Protection

Sellers retain a benefiary interest in our Equity Holding Trust. Title does not transfer out of Trust until all underlying debt is paid in full.

Credit Restoration

Optional credit respair, financial accountability and savings programs to reestablish good credit and finance a home in the future.

100% NO FEES Policy

All applications, consultations and property assessments are 100% complimentary, and without obligation. There are no up-front of out of pocket fees for our service.

Moving & Storage Vouchers

Take the stress out of moving with up to
$1500 in credit to use toward moving
and storage facilities.


Applying For HELP
Is Easy


Get a Free Evaluation

Start by scheduling a call with a Housing NC counselor. We will carefully listen to your situation and get some preliminary information about your property to get the approval process going.

Let's Discuss Solutions

After your initial chat, your counselor will carefully assess your situation to determine if you qualify for our program, and present the best options that are available to you going forward.

You're Approved!

If you qualify for HELP and you feel happy with our solution, we’ll handle all the details, paperwork (and expenses) so you can relax and start planning your future. It’s really that simple!


Never a Fee For Our Service:

CAUTION: You should NEVER have to pay an up-front fee for legitimate services, and you should NEVER transfer the deed to your home out of your name until all underlying loans are paid in full and the transaction is closed by a qualified attorney or licensed title company.

 All consultations and services are free to the seller and are without obligation. Any costs incurred in acquiring a property such as documentation preparation and closing costs are paid by Housing NC. Our mission is to help troubled home sellers by presenting smart, ethical, financially sound solutions so they will understand their options and choose the best path forward for their family.