Home Ownership Built On Trust,
Helping Families Realize The American Dream Since 1984

Your New Home,
With No New Loan!

Welcome H.O.M.E!

(Home Owners Made Everyday)

Welcome To An Alternative Way to Own Your Own Home
WITHOUT Bank Qualifying or Even Needing a New Loan!

No Points or Fees, The Financing is already in place!

What Is The HOME Program?

The HOME Program promotes community stability by expanding homeownership opportunities for those who are turned away by banks and don’t qualify for government homebuyer assistance programs. 

We acquire properties from distressed owners, rescue foreclosures, and take on homes that have failed to find a buyer through conventional channels, then offer these properties to individuals facing unique obstacles in the home buying process.



The HOME program utilizes a safe and time-tested method of ownership called Trust-To-Deed which names you (the buyer) as “Resident Beneficiary” of our exclusive Equity Holding Trust, granting you 100% rights and benefits of home ownership.

Trust-To-Deed™ works virtually the same as any Deed Of Trust security instrument used throughout the country to protect a lender’s interest in real estate. However, it comes with a number of added benefits and financial protections for all parties.


Fully compliant with all Federal Laws, Government Housing and Lending Regulations concerning seller-assisted financing.


Tap into a vast network of affordable properties currently held in professionally managed Consumer Protection Trusts.


Fast approval process. No lender or government agency approval requirements, reporting or involvement.

HOME Ownership Built On Trust

"We got the house we wanted!"

“We found a house we liked but couldn’t get a mortgage due to being self-employed and our business income. The HOME program got us an even nicer house!”

Cindy and Tom V.

"So simple!"

“I couldn’t believe how quick and simple the process was. I filled out the application and within 2 weeks we were moving into
our new home!”

Caroline and John T.

"Best way to buy a house by far!"

“Once I understood I could get a house with financing in place for the same amount down I realized this is the best way
to buy a house!”

Karl L.


Enjoy unrivaled financial benefits, peace of mind and a sense of security by possessing all of the rights and benefits of ownership you cannot attain through any other program.

Full income tax write-off for mortgage interest

Full income tax write-off for property taxes paid

Equity build-up from mortgage principal reduction

Profit potential from market value appreciation

The right to sell, sublease or rent out the property (with mutual agreement of all trust beneficiaries)

Privacy of ownership: Personal ownership is unrecorded in the public record

Any previously existing financing remains in place without compromising the due-on-sale clause

Property is shielded from creditor liens, tax liens, lawsuits, bankruptcy claims, marital dissolution issues and probate

The HOME Program Can Put You On The Path
to Ownership… Starting  Today!

Nice Homes Available Without Bank Approval or Any of
The Risks of Typical Owner Financed Homes

Who Should Apply

We don’t believe owning a home should be an un-attainable dream because of a bad economy, high interest rates or strict bank requirements which make it difficult-to-impossible to get approved for a mortgage. If you have adequate savings and can comfortably afford the monthly payment, we’ll help you find your ideal place.


Self Employed / Business Owners


New To Area


No Credit History


Wrecked Credit From Divorce


Prior Bankruptcy / Foreclosure


Non-W2 Workers


Debt-To-Income Issues


(No banks involved)



To access our program, you must first complete our quick applicaton, it’s FREE and only takes a minute!

Get Approved

Once approved, we work with you to find a HOME in a nice area, price range and monthly payment you can afford.

Move In

When you find your perfect HOME, we’ll take care of all the details and paperwork to get you moved in quickly. It’s that easy!